Seller Beware




The date on the contract will most likely change, it is a

     guesstimate and subject to many variables.

The property might not appraise at the contract price.

Buyer may ask for repairs even on an As-Is contract.

Agent may miss shown appointments and not call or show up.

Appointments will be made and might cancel at the last minute.

Instructions to turn off lights, close doors, etc may not be adhered

     to by the agent showing your home.

Buyers may want to walk from property (Buyer’s remorse).

The agent on the sign will be in witness protection and not

     return any phone calls.

An agent may show your home and forget to return the key in the lockbox.

Some showings will last about five minutes, some showings much longer.

There will be a day when your agent calls you and says  someone wants to see your house,

and you are going to ask when. And the agent will say: “pull back the curtains,

   they are sitting outside now”!

Agents are going to make appointments at the very last minute.

Agents are going to knock on your door, even drive by or see

     you in the yard and ask if can they see your house (if this

     happens, call me).

Expect lots of lowball or verbal offers (at least it is a starting point).


Thank you Terry Watson, CSP, Chicago for your helpful tips!


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