Sellers Ask



How long will it take to sell my home?

Who prices the home?

How do I find a good Realtor to list my home?

Should I interview other Realtors?

Are there particular questions I should ask my Realtor before hiring him/her?

What do you charge to sell my home?

Is your commission negotiable?

Why is your commission higher than XYZ Company?

Can the buyer pay the commission?

What is a Fee For Service Plan?

What exactly does my Realtor do to sell my home?

Should I expect a marketing plan?

How many open houses will you do?

How many times will I see my house advertised on the Internet?

How many times will I see my house for sale in the newspaper?

What happens if I sell my house by myself?

Should the home be vacant while it is on the market?

What is the advantage of staging my home?

I still live in the house, what do I do with all the toys and clutter?

I need to buy a home, should I sell first?

What happens if I must sell first, can I still buy another home and move in after my closing?

Will I have to fix all the repairs needed to be done in order to sell my home?

I know I have mold behind my walls, will I have to address this before I sell?

What happens if the Buyer changes his mind right before closing?

Can I keep the escrow if the Buyer does not want to purchase?

I can’t move right away, can I stay in my home for 30 days after I close?

In post-occupancy who is liable if someone gets hurt on the property?

My furniture is being delivered before closing, can I have it delivered to the home I am buying?

What do I do with my animals while the home is getting shown?

What happens if I choose to not have a sign in my yard?

Will you be there for all showings?

What do I do with my valuable possessions during showings?

I will be out of the country when my home closes, how is that handled?

My home did not appraise at contract value, what now?

Can we take back-up offers after I have signed a contract for sale?

What is a Seller’s Disclosure?

My home has flooded in the past from a plumbing issue, should I disclose that?

My house caught on fire 5 years ago and was repaired, must I disclose?

I know of a serious settlement issue with my home, it was remediated but I lost the

documentation. Will that be an issue?

Someone died in my home, must I disclose?

I have 2 large dogs and regularly spray my home with a commercial insecticide. It has

caused a horrible odor in my carpet and on my walls. Should I be concerned?

What is CFPB and how does it concern me?

What is FIRPTA?

What is the TRID?

What exactly will be my closing costs?

Why doesn’t the Buyer pay for the Owners Title Insurance?

Will my Realtor or myself have access to an attorney if needed?

Me and my 4 brothers inherited the home I live in. How will this be handled by the title company?


We often say selling or purchasing a home will be one of the biggest financial and

emotional investments of a persons lifetime.

This is exactly why you need the right Realtor, a partner and friend who will take

you through the process and handle each and every detail.

Please allow us to show you how simple and stress-free buying or selling a home can really be!



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