Buyers Ask



How long does the home buying process take?

How many properties does the typical buyer view?

When should I make an offer?

How much should I offer?

Should I lock in my interest rate or should I float?

When will I get the keys? What are my closing costs?

Will someone pay for my closing costs?

What are pro-rations and escrows?

What happens at the closing?

Is the closing date on my contract guaranteed?

How much earnest money should I put down?

What happens to my earnest money?

Will I get my earnest money back if the contract is not accepted?

What is the process to get my earnest money back if the contract

is accepted and the home inspection finds an issue?

What happens if the Seller decides not to sell?

What happens if the Buyer changes his mind to purchase?

Do you normally find the perfect property on the first day?

Is there anything I should not do during the house hunting process?

What is the likelihood of multiple offer situations?

Who appraises the property?

What monies will I need to come in with?

How long does the home inspection take?

Do I really need a home inspector?

Can you recommend an attorney, home inspector or a lender?

What exactly does my Realtor do during the home buying process?

How much will my Realtor charge me?

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